About Me

EDITED 07/12/2013

I am always under construction.

I will never stop and say, “This is me” and that will be the end. There will always be constant renovations. I don’t think I’ll ever stop changing.

I suppose this blog will be a constant reminder of how much I’ve changed from the time I started blogging on it. I don’t really know when I started, and I suppose I’ll never know when I end.

Cheers to change and the insights that will always come with it.

And cheers to you. I don’t care if you accept the way I change or not — I certainly can’t please everybody — but well, thanks for reading anyway. 🙂

OH, and — my creative writing blog is up. Would appreciate it if you dropped by and followed it as well. 😉

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Well, he fails to comment every post I have 😛 bwahaha

  2. Best of luck with your writing!

    I will check out your blog.. it’s nice to meet a fellow author 🙂

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