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When I discovered the world of drama, I didn’t think I was passionate about it then.

I was a twelve-year-old shy girl in the middle of a Trumpets Playshop class. I had no idea what I was doing. A friend of mine had decided to drag me along for the summer (and eventually this friend of mine dragged me everywhere, although I don’t think drag is an appropriate word if I were willing), and I admit that I was terrified. It wasn’t a spectacular summer — we had done a Broadway flop anyway, and I wasn’t too fond of our teacher yelling at us half the time — but I somehow knew I’d be back. Maybe it was because of my friends, but I never thought it would be because of theatre. 

Three workshops, four years with the Philippines’ premier musical theatre college organization and a professional production later, I find myself with a fire that’s all-too-overwhelming. Had I known that my summer workshop class would take me here, I would’ve joined it a whole lot earlier. There is something about the stage, the lights, the music, the material, everything and anything in between the wings to the orchestra pit that lure me to the theater. There’s just something about being someone else, sharing their story, stepping into their shoes and living their lives that makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger. There’s just something about telling a story, sharing a message, bringing something out of the darkness into the light that I can’t not do for the rest of my life.

A serendipitous moment at my high school alma mater led me to my current job, which is to be a drama teacher. God really must have blessed me with something else that day, because my boss (whom I think is really my mentor, and I love her to bits and pieces) is someone whom I see a lot of myself in. She also opened tons of doors for me in terms of career paths, and now I find myself more than passionate about teaching drama, not just performing it myself. The advocacy of the institution I represent is not only to teach the basics of drama, but also to uplift our students in terms of self-esteem, confidence and teamwork. It’s not only developing their drama skills, but also developing their psyche. Knowing that I’m part of something like that is so overwhelming. I’ve haven’t been this excited and grateful for something like this since the moment I entered blueREP!

I’m just overflowing with love for what I do and what I care about; I can’t even end this properly. Here’s to making a difference through what we love to do! 🙂