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Okay, you want a reply? Here’s a reply.

Why don’t you talk to me in person instead of hiding behind a screen? Why don’t you approach me and see what’s wrong with me instead of assuming everything’s okay? Because everything is not okay. We’re not okay. I’m not okay.

You think it’s that easy, to just message me and say sorry and that’s it? Okay, you ignored me after I tell you something as important as what I said. I know you didn’t want to be awkward, but I shoved my pride up my ass and decided to tell you how I feel and you rejected me. The least you could do is try to see if I’m okay instead of just thinking that I am. ‘Cause maybe I was okay then, but I’m not okay now.

You don’t even know half of the things you did to hurt me, and you apologize for the most trivial thing. How about making me a rebound friend? How about not seeing that our friendship went down the drain? How about being insensitive to me and my feelings when you just toss me to the side and pick me up when you run out of people to talk about? Yeah, I’d appreciate it if you said sorry about that. But of course, you wouldn’t know.

I’m not mad. You may think I’m mad, but I’m not. I’m honestly just numb and disappointed. You want to be sensitive? Read this, and grow up a little. I know I’m probably being a hypocrite for not saying this to your face, but for once I’m tired of making the effort to patch up a friendship that maybe only I wanted to fix.