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Would it be easier to just put all the cards on the table?

Would things be better for me to just tell you everything – to tell you what’s going on inside my head, to tell you what’s going on inside my head about you, to ask you the questions I’ve been dying to ask, to let out every painful, confusing thing you’ve done, and to have you clear up that everything that I’ve been thinking was either wrong or right? What would come out of it? What would happen? Would we be okay? Or is this the one-way ticket to messing everything up?

We practically just “survived” the supposed predicted apocalypse. And all throughout the day, I kept thinking that if today were the end of the world, I would tell you how I feel. And I guess I was wrong in hoping that you would do the same thing, because how am I so sure that you’re feeling what I’m feeling? How am I so sure that I mean as much to you as you do to me?

Maybe I’m better off writing you something and telling you in my head. Maybe you’re just better off not knowing. Maybe – I don’t know. I’ve had enough.