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We’ve all got our junk, and my junk is you –

You, being Lara and Aldrich. Three crazy people at Pizza Hut, laughing too loud over “pizza water” and subtlety, reunited after so long. Making fun of each other, embarrassing each other – these are the type of friends who seem to pick up where they left off a couple of weeks or months before. We never really needed to spend too much time together, but when we did, it would be enough to last us months at a time.

You, being Jaime. Jaime, my long lost brother who went to Los Angeles to live the life of a successful yet still struggling artist. Jaime, whom I spent most of my early 2012 with in Bare – it still feels like the jokes we made with Raisa and Reb were made only yesterday. It doesn’t get old, we don’t feel old – I love how it feels like we were never really apart. He’s constantly supportive, always easy to talk to – definitely what I would love about an older brother.

You, being some of my law school blockmates. Even if they know I’m drifting further away, they still try to pull me back. I’m glad that it seems like they still care, that they know I don’t really wanna talk about it, that they’re acting normal, which is really what I would prefer. I’m really blessed to have blockmates like this – they’re going to make it, because they really know the concept of never giving up, even on me.

You, being you. You’re a little more complicated than you seem, and I realized that I actually knew more about you than I thought. I’m gonna stick around, because you need it, and maybe because I need it to. I’m happy to have you around, and I think that’s enough for me to keep going, even if it seems pretty one-sided.

See we still keep talking after you’re gone / You’re still with me then, feels so good in my arms –