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My first and only happy note – WordPress is snowing. And that made me happy, because it doesn’t snow here.


It sucks when people don’t believe that you’re going crazy. They probably think it’s all a figure of speech, an exaggeration of sorts, about how you just can’t seem to handle what’s going on and you kind of want to stop and take a breather. They probably think you’re just whining. You’re just too tired to deal with the shit, so you’re complaining about how you’re going crazy when you’re really not.

But what if you really are going crazy? What if you can’t even begin to comprehend what the fuck goes on in your head? What if you can’t even start explaining what the hell you’re feeling? Are you exaggerating then? Is it a figure of speech then? Will people think you’re whining then?

Is this what it feels like to be crazy? To feel every bit of your brain go ablaze? That suddenly every bit of you, every nook and cranny, every secret compartment has been blasted open? That you don’t even feel safe inside your head anymore? That, at the end of the day, you feel like you’re staring into a reflection of someone whom you used to know when in fact, it’s just you – you just don’t know yourself anymore?

Is this what it feels like when your mind’s on fire?