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I was studying for my Constitutional Law class tonight (after spending a couple of hours with my favorite people, the blueREPPERS), when I glanced at the clock and realized that it’s December 1. After rushing through all the obligatory “YAY DECEMBER” tweets, it only sunk in now that it’s December.

I’m really fond of this month. Who doesn’t? For me, Alabang weather is so lovely during this time of year. Days are getting chilly and nights even more so, bazaars every weekend (only con: the traffic it takes to get to my parents’ lovely abode), and everyone reflects maturely on the events that transpired from January all the way to this month, plus exude contagious optimism for the year to come. I mean, what’s not to love about December?

If there’s anything that makes me sad about December, it’s my grandfather’s death anniversary. You know how deaths, as the years pass, never really get any easier? Sometimes I hate how my memories of my grandfather seem to blur into vague colors and feelings, and I don’t want that. My favorite image of him is back in the States, in the Campolindo house, stretched over his favorite armchair and his feet draped over the comfiest ottoman I’ve ever seen. We never used to bother him while he watched TV, but we were always welcome to sit on the couch beside his armchair and quietly watch him. I miss him more and more every year, but I know that he’s happy in Heaven.

But ugh, I love December. So many happy things happen during this month, and it is my favorite month – even over my birthday month, because honestly, what epic thing happens in June? I’m pretty sad that they don’t celebrate Independence Day as crazily as the Filipinos do abroad, but before I digress any further, I really just HAVE to say that December in the Philippines is probably one thing that I will never get sick of. It’s the one month of the year when I pray that nobody goes hungry, when the Church is always full at 4 in the morning – and some of my most special friends celebrate their birthdays! The only downside to that – having to save money for the lot. >.<

And how could I even forget family time? My favorite part of December starts during the Christmas break. A couple of friends and I spend Christmas in the South; a bunch of my friends from up North come down and celebrate three days of just hanging out, having fun and drinking cheap whine while playing a random round of Taboo. This is followed by Christmas itself, from spending Christmas Eve with my mom’s relatives, to Christmas Day with my dad’s relatives, to Christmas dinner with my mom’s cousins. Do I need to explain the abundance of good food? I won’t have to – stay tuned to a picture of me, like, ten pounds bigger. This is followed by a week or so spent in the province – ugh, where I eat more food – and followed by a spectacular New Year’s party with the family.

What I’m looking forward to the most? Batangas + Stages of Love 2013! ❤ I CANNOT WAIT!

God. I LOVE DECEMBER. Optimism and happiness shines out of my ass.