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Don’t give up on writing, please.

I know it’s been a while. Let’s be damn honest here when we say that law, as much as you like it, has been draining almost everything you’re passionate about. You haven’t looked at interiors in months, except for splurging on that one Elle Decor magazine and helping Mom prepare the house for Christmas. Today was the first time in a long time that you’ve watched the Food Network. Watching musicals makes you cry.

And damn it, you haven’t written in forever. Writing used to make you soar. It didn’t matter what you wrote back then – songs, poetry, prose – but when you wrote, all your emotions poured out. You allowed yourself to bare your soul for everyone to see. There was something about it that just… made you feel.

Now you’re stuck in a rut. You don’t write, you hardly read anything for leisure, nothing. You’re closed off and isolated. You keep the most painful things to yourself. And you wake up everyday wondering what the hell you’re doing, why you’re there and why you had to go down this path. You wake up everyday wondering if this is worth it, and not getting an answer. You won’t be getting an answer anytime soon.

Writing doesn’t make things complicated. Writing makes it clearer. Writing reminds you that someone out there feels the exact same way as you, will cry at your words because they resonated all too loudly within themselves and would love to wrap their arms around you to let you know that they’re out there. They exist. And they’re there for you.

But for right now, you’re going to have to settle for imaginary, fictional people who sympathize with you, and trust in the real people there for you. Just… well, breathe. Or at least try to.