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It always started with stupid little things, like his smile.

You don’t really notice it at first; after all, he’s just one of those random people you’re friends with. He’s nice, friendly, everything you’d want in an acquaintance to be your friend. You guys like similar things, which is probably why you guys became friends in the first place. There isn’t anything remotely interesting about him that would make you take a second glance.

And then one day, he smiled at you. And you suddenly felt your stomach drop.

It was ridiculous. So yeah, he had a cute smile. Whatever. Not a big deal, right? You’ll get over it. Maybe you just appreciate the way his lips curve upwards; there was absolutely nothing special about him whatsoever. It could be compared to telling someone you like their – well, I don’t know, their dress or something. Yeah, something like that.

And then come the other stupid little things like, well, the way your fingers brush against the other when you pass each other something, or the way he ruffles his hair, or the way he makes fun of himself that you find so adorable, the way he wraps his arms around you to hug you hello. And you realize all these stupid little things become one stupid big thing called him and the fact that you might, just might like him a little more than you should, because all these stupid little things started happening to you.

Things, like – the way your heart flutters when you guys make eye contact. The way you subtly try to avoid him just to see if he says hi first. The way butterflies invade your stomach whenever he smiles at you. The way you’re writing all these useless, beautiful things because he induces you into this pathetic, poetic stupor.

It’s ridiculous. It’s stupid. But sometimes, you smile to yourself, you have a feeling you’re going to like this kind of ridiculous stupidity.