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I think the best thing about being around newbies is that interesting feeling – you think you know so much about something, yet you still manage to learn something as well. When I was asked to do a cameo for this year’s blueREPERTORY newbie production, I just figured that I’d be hanging around, watching them blow me away or bore me to death. Once again, God manages to surprise me and throw me completely off-course.

One of the things I loved about this production is the fact that my Freakshow newbies are finally all grown up. It’s crazy; it seems like yesterday when they were the bright young faces of blueREP, eager to learn and to perform like it was what they lived for. Now, they’re the ones taking charge and taking care of the newbies, teaching them everything they know, things that I could have possibly taught them and things that I really think they learned on their own. It’s like a mother watching her children walk or ride a bike for the first time without her help. It was such a beautiful sight, and I’m glad to know that one way or another, they are doing just fine after we graduated. Special mention to my babies, Aldrich, Lara, Boo and Prince – you guys did it, and you guys did it together! 🙂 I have never been prouder of my children the way I am so proud of you guys.

L-R: Prince, Lara, Aldrich and Me. Boo, where were you!?

Another thing I loved was, well – the current newbies. I admit at first I didn’t really warm up to them; I didn’t think I would have to interact so much with them except for Jenna because she would be my daughter. Little did I know that I would be more involved with them than I ever thought I’d be. From talking to them about how they imagined Camp Ovation to be, to intense tech week rehearsals and fighting for an energy that would be beyond our own capabilities, to exchanging stories backstage and improvising about different things in the play, they slowly inched their way into my heart in a way reminiscent of the Freakshow newbies themselves, and even to some extent, me. I think a big part of why we got along so well was the fact that they were willing to share parts of themselves with me – their talent, their sense of humor, the energy that pops off like anything offstage (which I think should have transcended even MORE onstage), and everything in between. I enjoyed every minute of my three-week stay with these guys, and before I knew it, they were calling me “mama,” hugging me, laughing at my bitchy comments and making me cry at the end of the production. I feel so privileged to witness the last bit of growth that occurred during the production, and I am happy to say that great things should be expected of them if they continue to open themselves to the learning experiences in blueREP. This is just the beginning, guys – don’t close yourself off from learning even more. 🙂

Thank you so much for the amazing experience. I am so happy to have worked with you all, and here’s to hoping I get a chance to work with you all again in the future. 🙂 You guys may be my third set of babies, but I do love you all tons. ❤

Hey, Summer Campers! 🙂