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Hello, blog! It’s been a while.

I don’t know if you all know – maybe you do – that I’m two weeks into law school. Lately, I’ve been more than excited to begin a new chapter of my life, after happily closing the old one during graduation. I admit that I was slightly anxious when I started, because it’s a totally new environment with different kinds of people, but I am all too happy to say that I didn’t make any regrets choosing my law school – University of the Philippines, baby! (so weird saying the whole name) – and I am all too happy to meet my new friends and the new loves of my life.

Despite all the happiness though, I am really, really exhausted. When they said law school was hard work, they meant it. I don’t think I ever had the time lately to stop reading – much more sit down and blog – and I think my brain has reached maximum capacity in terms of information. I read more than a hundred pages a day, I think, on cases, law concepts and my blockmates’ joking complaints in between on Facebook, and I really hope all that information sticks enough for me to remember it in the bar exam five years from now. It may be a long way, but I hope I’m prepared.

Thankfully though, this is all happy-exhausted. Don’t you love that feeling after a long day of hard work but knowing that you’re about to do something great? I used to feel it all the time after a show; the exhilaration and utter exhaustion from performing day after day has slowly crept back into my system after only two weeks of law school. I am so happy and I feel so blessed to be here, but I admit that I’ve already had a couple of late, bordering sleepless nights just trying to get everything in. I’m so excited for what’s going to happen, but at the same time, I’m terrified – what if I’m not cut out for it?

At the end of the day though, I constantly think that I know I’m going to finish this and I’m going to finish it proud, happy and erm – alive. I think. Thank God that I have amazing blockmates that never fail to lift my spirits during class or to peer-pressure me into staying late at the library every day to work. The condo’s the devil here – making me sleep whenever I can. -___-

And then there’s you. 🙂 You are probably the best motivation I could have, because you never hesitate to make me smile whenever I feel like I can’t go on anymore. You’re amazing, you know that? You know who you are. Don’t get tired of me, please. 😦