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With law school just around the corner, I’m trying to salvage the last of my easy, breezy moments before I plunge into the stressful life of a law student. Don’t get me wrong, I am actually quite excited for the life that is to come – Constitution over tons of coffee, hanging out with my blockmates six out of seven days a week, late nights poring over volumes of cases. For a bookworm like me, it almost seems like a brilliant dream that I am just excited to dive into.

Now, how to make this easy, relaxed and totally, completely chill –

I really, really want to bring a pet to my apartment. Our dog at home, Oreo, looks so adorable with her grown out puppy cut – she’s a Shih Tzu, so her hair’s not too short and not too long – and a part of my brain is practically squealing for a puppy. Of course, it will be difficult to have a puppy running around my apartment while I study endlessly over law books, but wouldn’t it be cute to take a breather and hold the most precious little dog in the world until it grows old and kind of ugly?

Maybe I can settle for goldfish or something. But I don’t really like fish unless they’re swimming in the sea with me or fried on a plate, with chips.

What would be the ideal law-student pet? Can law students even have pets at the rate they study? Most coffee shops along Katipunan sport book stands and hordes of hipster-like students reading about the revised penal code, hence no time for them in their apartments to take care of pets. Maybe it could be an imaginary pet – one that can talk and recite the civil code while you attempt to cook microwave dinner or another cup of brewed coffee. An imaginary, talking pet would be an ideal companion in times of crisis – and especially, when you need it to disappear, it will.

You also don’t have to feed it.