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You know that feeling when things are so near, yet so far?

It’s such an awkward feeling – how things are within arm’s reach, but no matter how far you stretch your fingers, they can’t even seem to brush against what you really want. No matter how you stretch your body, arch your back and extend your limbs in a certain direction, you still cannot grasp that thing that you want most. What if they aren’t as close as you thought? What if you were looking through a telescope, a lens of sorts, only to find out that what seemed so close was in reality, just too far for you to even attempt reaching?

Yet you reach for it anyway. You try so hard – tiptoe until you’re standing on your toes, your hands extended as far as they could go, your fingers stretching until your joints crack. You try, because it’s better to say that you failed trying than watch it drift away from you as you stare and do nothing. You reach, because reaching out is better than curling up miserably and saying that you weren’t able to do anything. How could you say that you were unable to do anything without even trying?

What if it’s better though, to just not try at all? What if it’s just like everyone says, everyone’s warned you about? What if it’s better to just play it safe, to not risk bending over backwards to only end up in more pain than the thought of regret? What if it was better to find the neutral balance, than to risk the feelings of extreme happiness and extreme pain that you could go through if you continue trying?

Better yet, what if you just stop thinking – and just go for it?