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It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Lately, I’ve actually been more focused on my Tumblr account, where I’ve been posting bits and pieces of my creative writing. Whenever I look back at my blog, it shows my struggle with my writing – how I can’t seem to force it out of myself, even when I’m practically squeezing out the juices in my brain. But happily I can say that I’ve already posted three bits of prose on my Tumblr, and it seems that people like it. If you like, go check them out! It makes me a happy camper to know that people read what I’m writing, even for writing that I prefer keeping to myself.

I’m at 100 followers on Tumblr! I know, that’s not really achievement considering other people have thousands, but it makes me happy to know that 100 people see what’s on my mind, both through text and through the photos I reblog. I don’t even remember when I started – err, Tumbling? – but it feels good to know that I have another creative outlet where I store my thought-vomit. Sometimes, I feel like I think too much, and it keeps me up at night. Tumbling (?) and this blog keep me sleeping at night. Maybe.

Okay, the real point of this blog is to tell you all I’m pretty happy. I haven’t been posting lately because there haven’t been any thoughts itching at my mind to write. It was only now, sitting here and looking back at the past couple of days, that I noticed that things have been pretty good. I’m happy that I was able to write creatively again, I’m happy that I’ve been hanging out with friends, I’m happy about this job opportunity that came out of the blue with friends, and I’m really just happy about everything.

It’s bursts of moments like these that make me remember that not everything is lost. Not really.