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Don’t you love that feeling when you’re in a bookstore?

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been an avid reader ever since I was a kid, but I get an absolute thrill of going into a bookstore. Now that I’m living the bum life until I graduate, I finally have the time to go to Fully Booked in Katipunan and go through the books as long as I want.

Every time I go in there, it feels like the first time: the wonder that lights up your eyes as they skim over the books that seem to stretch endlessly towards the back (and really, this feeling only heightens when you’re in one of the bigger branches), that rush of brushing your fingers over an open copy of Storm of Swords, your heart pounding while reading a summary of one of Palahniuk’s finest manuscripts – just, an experience that captures and intoxicates your senses until you drown.

Every writer must have been a reader first. For them to want to create a world of their own, they must have been sucked into a world that someone else has created entirely – the Wizarding World, Middle-Earth, Terabithia and the like. Books are so generous; they welcome you with open arms into something else that you can barely even imagine. I remember getting lost in a book more than once, quickly honing the skill of walking and reading in a large crowd or just reading and managing to do everything else in between. My mother used to scold me that I didn’t savor the book because I read it too fast, but on the contrary, I believe that I read the books over and over enough to savor the book enough. The books I own are the books with worn covers and yellowed pages; the books I read are the books with the crinkled spines and food spills. To others, it may seem like I don’t love my books – but to me, my books are this way because they’ve been through hell and high water with me. That in everything I do – that book experienced it with me, the same way I experience every bit of the book I’m reading.

So awhile ago, when I entered Fully Booked for the umpteenth time this week, I just stood there and cherished the fact that this place was, is and will always be my sanctuary. Anywhere with books, for that matter, is my sanctuary – it holds my true love. I love books, I love what’s in them – and ultimately, I love the truths that they bring in different packages. Happily, I realize that I will always thirst for knowledge – which is really, what we should all yearn for in the end.