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I think a lot of people agree with me when I say that when you’re a Blue Eagle, time seems to fly – really, really fast. Yesterday, the seniors just had their Pabaon, which is a senior’s send-off from the school where the school’s staff and professionals give you some sort of huling pabilin or last reminders before you head off into the real world. There were tons of videos, letter-writing, laughter and insight thanks to our amazing speakers for that day, but really, there was that overwhelming reality that all of this – these amazing four years at the Ateneo – will soon come to an end.

I’m not good with goodbyes, so – I won’t say goodbye. I still have two weeks to do that. So maybe, just maybe, I’m going to start a countdown of the things that made my Ateneo journey one of the most incredible ones yet.

Nineteen. Getting in.

So, yeah – let’s just start with that fact that I wouldn’t be an Atenean if I hadn’t passed the damn thing. Being a young, reckless, supposedly rebellious teenager, I didn’t apply to UP, La Salle or any other school for that matter. I was actually pretty set on going to CSB or Enderun for Hotel and Restaurant Management, but I took the ACET anyway – just in case, you know? And when the results were about to come out, my batch had gone into this crazy frenzy. “If I didn’t get into Ateneo, I would (insert some insane form of suicide here). It was hilarious, really, but it was evident in the anxiety on everyone’s faces that maybe, just maybe, that insane form of suicide wasn’t a joke. Figurative death, maybe.

Imagine my ecstasy when I found out that I had gotten into my first choice of course: BS Psychology. Fuckin’ quota course, that one is. My family and I celebrated for maybe two hours, before my mom immediately dove into the talk of convincing me to go to Ateneo – “I’m sure you’ll enjoy what it’s like to really be in a university, with all those organizations and meeting all these people. Go to the Open House.”

And so I did. Didn’t meet any sorts of crazy people yet, but I did recall hearing Chris’s voice for the first time. Thought it was weird, thought he was weird – imagine my regret. I have nothing but love for him now. Anyway, the Open House did end up convincing me to go – aside from the multitude of classmates and batchmates going to the Ateneo anyway – and soon enough, a couple of friends and I confirmed our slots. And that was it. We were officially Ateneans.

And so the journey began. I was a young, eager freshman, ready to see the world. And now that I’m a senior… I would’ve hated myself if I met Freshman Cassie now.

Must’ve been a LONG journey since then. Heehee.