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Love has definitely been in the air lately, with Valentine’s Day around the corner and all. Of course, they only come in two varieties: “Cannot wait for Valentine’s Day with my baby!” or “Single Awareness Day! Shit.”

After celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone special for two years (which isn’t really a lot), I don’t really know how I feel about Valentine’s Day this year. To a certain extent, I agree with other people in thinking that Valentine’s Day is a pretty lame holiday. I don’t know if I’m saying that because I’m single (and I admit that sometimes, it really just sucks) or if it’s because I’m one of those people who believe that you don’t need a holiday to make a person feel loved.

According to Wikipedia (not that it’s reliable, but oh well, right?), Valentine’s Day actually was only associated with romantic love during the medieval ages when courtly love flourished. The story of St. Valentine was modified a bit, saying that the Emperor at that time wanted guys single for the army. St. Valentine then would marry young men to their beloved in secret or whatever, then the Emperor had him arrested and executed. But really, it used to be a feast day for St. Valentine – although apparently, there were three of them.

What I’m trying to say is, we’re celebrating a holiday that actually could be fake. Flowers, chocolates, dates? Do we really need to spend that much money or spend so much time and effort trying to do something for someone we love? Or is it really just that one day where one boy or one girl musters up enough guts to do something cheesy and romantic because he or she wanted to show someone he or she loved them? Maybe originally Valentine’s Day wasn’t romantic, but in a couple of days, couples all over the world will be celebrating a day of love. Cheeseballs, I know.

I may be single. Sometimes, I think Valentine’s Day sucks. But this year? I don’t know. Maybe it could be a chance for me, and a couple of other people, to just remind the other people we don’t usually show affection for that we love them – that deep down, I love you today, tomorrow, the day after that, the week after that, the year after that, forever.

And for someone, maybe I wouldn’t want to love anyone else.