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Sometimes, the best thing about writing is the muse behind it all.

Usually the night before the due date of my writing exercises for my Creative Writing class, I’m still stuck a couple of pages in. The worst of writer’s block hits me like the plague; it’s kind of like getting sick right before a big game or losing your voice during the last technical dress rehearsal before Opening Night. What’s horrible is that I have to write at least fifteen pages worth of substance – fifteen pages worth of Miguel’s sarcastic, dark wit that should spill out of me smoothly, like water pouring out of a pitcher full of it.

Today seems different. Suddenly, I’m caught up in a whirlwind of inspiration. My fingers are suddenly flitting over the keys like moths to a flame, fireflies dancing around the night’s sky and directing your gaze to the stars hidden behind a layer of smog and smoke. And I’d really, really like to think it’s because of you. Not because you did anything spectacular, but because the sight of you kind of leaves me feeling… like this.

I used to say that I could write a million things about you and it still wouldn’t be enough. But now, maybe I’d take that back. Right now? It feels like I could write a million things and it still wouldn’t be enough, because of you.

Yeah, I’m a cheeseball, as I always am. But for some reason, it doesn’t matter. It really, really doesn’t matter.

I’m leaving some of my inspiration for my homework, but to you – thanks. You totally made my day, my night and well – my week. I’m looking forward. 🙂