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There’s a brilliant feeling about staying up late and breaking your writer’s block. I was in the midst of preparing for a group report for my Psych elective tomorrow, and after I’ve finished, my mind was still buzzing with a sense of fulfillment and productivity. So, with a stroke of luck, I opened my Creative Writing manuscript and got to writing. In a span of ten minutes, I’ve written about half a page – which is good enough for me, considering that sometimes I can barely make a dent in it.

I never took myself to be a night girl. I’m usually the girl who gets tired and falls asleep during sleepovers, or the one who doesn’t like scary movies all that much because there is something too unusual and eerie about darkness. I like night time, but not when I’m alone and my roommates are tucked in their blankets fast asleep. If anything, they’re the ones who turn off their desk lamps last while I’m dead weight.

Tonight felt different. Well, I must be honest – today felt different. Today, I felt satisfied about things that I normally took for granted (or never even did). Today, I got to treasure moments that I haven’t been able to have for a long time, like spend time with my family and laugh so much that tears filled my eyes. Today, I actually went home without having dinner out with my cast mates, which surprisingly felt good considering I had a little bit of “me” time.

I guess one of my revelations at the end of the day is that it doesn’t hurt to try something different every once in a while. Instead of sticking around to do the same things or to play it safe, maybe doing something else won’t kill me or change me overnight. I mean, I’ve always known this – I guess it takes something different for me to remember it.

Yeah, I’m a cheeseball. Suck it.