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There’s a psychological theory or concept that talks about making things public. According to social psychology for example, saying something publicly will reinforce you to do it because other people witnessed your commitment to actually doing whatever it was you said. When you put something out there, in public for everyone else to see, it’s basically showing yourself to the world. It’s telling them your innermost thoughts, your objectives – it’s giving them a chance to see you. It’s you letting them in.

That is probably the reason why lying seems like such a cruel thing to do. Telling a lie would mean letting someone in, only to deceive them into thinking that you mean one thing when in reality you mean another. Telling a lie would mean giving them a chance to see you, only for you to show them somebody else. It’s probably why lying is such a big deal – it’s misleading and to a certain extent, manipulative. You change the way others see things, either because you’re trying to hide something or you want them to believe something that isn’t actually real.

It’s difficult, posting your feelings in public for everyone else to see, read and even quote. Blogging like this? It’s like a golden ticket into someone’s soul, letting out feelings that one is too afraid to say out loud, in person. It’s ironic, actually – one could always mistake what you say for something else, be it a matter of memory lapses or misunderstandings. When you write something down and immortalize it in a blog or a piece of paper, what else is there to interpret except for the words that you weave to formulate a scene or an idea? Manipulating words is both a gift and a curse – you can either create a beautiful world that everyone appreciates, or deceive them into thinking that this is really who you are when it’s actually not.

I don’t know what I’m getting at with this. But I am making it public that what I tell you is the truth. And sometimes, we just can’t help it – the truth hurts almost as much as the lie.