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I really hate it when writing becomes a chore.

Don’t you love the days when you can just look at a fresh, clean front page of a notebook and have it filled to the brim fifteen minutes later with little notes and details about a character you just made up in your head? Or maybe, a diagram about a plot just waiting to be told through the swift stroke of your pen or the furious typing on a keyboard? In short, it’s a stroke of inspiration. Just like that, you’ve created a world where nothing else exists except for your idea. The best thing about writing (in my case, it’s creative writing) is once you’re finished letting your world grow, you now have the opportunity to share your small world with other people.

Tomorrow is the deadline for my Creative Writing assignment and I’m nowhere near done. I have two pages of barely anything when I’m supposed to be submitting something filled with sjuzet and complex anachronies, pages and pages of a world that I’ve already conceptualized in my head. Yet here I am, writing a blog, while my homework stays unfinished in that small Microsoft Word box in my taskbar. The world is still too vague for me to concretize into the first part of my novella. There is still so much about my character that I wish to explore, but I have absolutely no time to do it because I will be graded for this tomorrow.

See the title of this blog post? Anyone willing to accept the challenge from a poor girl who, with perfect timing, has writer’s block as heavy as an anvil?