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There are two kinds of people in this world, and one of them is the angry people. These are the people you can easily tell are mad; it’s written all over their faces. You can trace the lines that twist their face into a frown; you can note the unmistakable furrow of their brows and the spark that lit their eyes on fire. These are the people you do not mess with. Sure, some of them are all bark and no bite. But sometimes you tend to forget that the things they bark at you can wound you in ways no bite can.

I’m an angry person. It’s not difficult at all to tell if I’m frustrated or mad because as I mentioned, it’s written all over my face. As much as I love acting, I cannot hide my emotions when I’m angry. Maybe it’s part of my being intense, maybe it’s because of some family background thing that I’d rather not explain further, maybe it’s just because I have a lack of self-control. It doesn’t matter to me why I can’t mask the fact that I’m angry. What matters to me is why you had the gall to make me angry in the first place.

Maybe it was unintentional. Maybe there was just something about you that ticked me off. Maybe it’s just your aura that throws me off. Then, it’s not your fault. Forgive me in advance, because I will say sorry for lashing out at you. I’d like to think there’s a part of me that I can still control, even after I’m angry. Or maybe it was something you did, albeit unintentional as well. Maybe I was having a bad day and you ran into me or you’re walking extra slow, thereby clogging the hallways on the way to class (unfortunately Ateneo freshmen, sometimes this means you and most upperclassmen, as much as they find you so naive and adorable, hate it). Forgive me in advance, because I will say sorry for lashing out at you.

But maybe, just maybe, you’re fucking cruel. Maybe it was something you did, but you did it deliberately, with full intention. Maybe you were being selfish, hell, because some people deserve to be selfish sometimes. But doing something at the expense of another person? Really? Are you going to stoop so low as that, to steal another’s happiness to fulfill your own? The sad reality is that yes, you would. You would because there are so many things in this world that somehow reinforce your decision to be ‘correct’ even when it’s wrong, on all levels of the world. Maybe it’s because you’re so damn stupid and insensitive.

Or maybe, just maybe, I deserved it.

But then again, does anybody deserve that?

Sometimes, I wish you could feel as much pain as I do. I wish you could feel as much anger as I do. And next time around, when you see me – your pea-sized brain will finally comprehend what’s written all over my face.

Or not, because I think you’re just that stupid.