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So I was looking through my old (and now private) blog, and I found a blog post that made me laugh.

I was a sappy bitch back then, totally infatuated with my ex-boyfriend, and then I stumble upon that blog post (it was private, by the way, even when that previous blog was public). I found it so hilarious that I was thinking that way ten months ago, yet here I am still in the same sticky situation. And I’m laughing because really, things don’t change as much as I thought they would.

Isn’t it funny when you think you’re all grown up at what, nineteen years old? How can you be all grown up at nineteen when you’ve barely experienced your life? Sure, you’ve gone through a couple of things that could psychologically damage you in the future. Sure, you’re probably finishing up most of your educational years and you’re in the middle of this brilliant university life you’ve got planned. But when you look ahead, don’t you see a world that’s just waiting for you to immerse yourself and drown into? Don’t you think that there’s still a lot of growing up to do then, when you experience things such as unemployment and getting fired and watching your life become even more unfair than your sister borrowing your clothes without permission or your best friend stealing your crush?

Okay, so maybe that last part is a bit more painful when you grow older. Just a bit.

I just feel like the things I used to whine about are a little more trivial than the things that will be coming for me in the future. And hey, maybe if you read that blog – you’d feel the same.