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I have this thing where I tend to get too close to people at the wrong time. When I’m naturally drawn to a person (not even in the sense that I find them attractive, but I find them interesting), I have this tendency to just – for lack of better term, cling to them. I text, I chat with, I talk to – a lot. It’s most likely because I want to find out more about you to see what really interests me about you. But of course, to you, it just seems like I’m getting too close for comfort. In the end, because of that paranoia that I’m invading their emotional-personal space, I withdraw. And once I withdraw from you, the ball’s in your court if you’re willing to take me back.

I have few naturally formed close friendships. They’re the people I really run to in times of need, they’re the people I don’t withdraw from. They’re the people that (for some absurd reason) seem to get me from the first impression, who know what I’m like. They’re the ones who weren’t completely weirded out by my lack of ‘levels of openness’ when it comes to a friendship. They’re also the ones I was naturally drawn to, and they let me in.

To the people who are starting to feel my clinginess, you know what, I’m really just interested in the way you function or the way you think. I may think you’re different or similar to me, and that intrigues me. I’m a naturally curious person – sometimes it comes off as being nosy, but that isn’t my intention – and I’m simply curious about you. Don’t flatter yourself thinking that I’m interested in any other sense.

I just find it so friggin’ hilarious and sad at the same time that there could have been so many developments if you weren’t so freaked out by me. But then again, if I were you, I don’t know – maybe I’d be freaked out by me too.