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One of the reasons why I don’t take drugs is because I’m scared of the addiction. I can’t even imagine how much money I’m going to spend on it or the lengths I’ll go to get them. Worse is, if I have to get past the addiction, I’m scared of what will happen in the event I’m faced with it again or if my body’s suddenly aching and craving for it. I’m scared of having to face it again – and having to say no.

It’s the same thing with getting over people, isn’t it? Not only in the romantic sense, but in every sense of the word ‘people.’ Boyfriends or girlfriends aren’t the only things that come and go in our lives – friends and colleagues do, and not all of them leave on good terms with you. The attachment that you feel towards them is something you know you have to detach from, yet when the time comes and you face them again – you just want to fall back into step with them, to get back where you left off. And it hurts knowing that deep down, a part of you knows you can’t.

Sometimes, you fall into that relapse – that moment of thinking that yes, you can pick up from where you guys carelessly left it off. You fall into that moment of catching up and getting to know each other again, into that moment where you’re suddenly reminded of why you guys got along in the first place. You laugh, you joke around, you talk endlessly – and suddenly something reminds you again of why things fell out of place. Sometimes, the sad truth about the matter is – you think you’re better off without them in your lives. And you know they’re better off without you in theirs.