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Somebody’s birthday is coming up in a couple of hours, but she’s at Formsem – sooooo, here’s only one part of my birthday gift!

Meet Roxanne.

This is Roxci at Westgate during our South sleepover. I’m sure most of you guys know who Roxci is because I mention her a couple of times in my blog posts, and also because she has one of the best blogs ever (http://signedbyroxci.wordpress.com) that you should really check out, especially if you’re into food, fashion and traveling. I met Roxci in blueREP. We were newbies together, back when Roxci was transitioning from the awkward high-schooler to one of the most beautiful young women you could ever spot at the Ateneo. From the moment I saw her during our newbie workshops, I knew that I wanted this girl to be one of my good friends. And thankfully enough, that worked out really well for us.

Roxci and I got close during our newbie production Rock n’ Rule. I’d babble to her over the phone about my crush, while she would just laugh and support me throughout all my crazy endeavors. Although I must say this wasn’t the peak of our friendship, it was a really amazing foundation. Although we drifted apart for a bit, I am happy to say that come my third year of college it came back full force. Eventually, Roxci, a couple of friends and I had a type of chemistry and passion that could not be avoided.

(L-R): Ea, me, Roxci and Raisa. The SET girls! 🙂

As of now, I can certainly say that Roxci is one of my pillars. I know that I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today if it weren’t for her. Roxci has been constantly supportive of me no matter what I did. I honestly think Roxci is one of my most treasured friends; I know that her bullying and her hirits are simply just displays of affection. This girl has grown into such a wonderful friend, and I am so glad I have her in my life. Roxci is strong, smart and beautiful, extremely talented and sweet and an amazing professional at blueREP. Trust me, if you guys haven’t met her, YOU SHOULD. YOU ARE MISSING HALF YOUR LIFE.

To my darling Roxanne, happy happy birthday. I know it’s still in a couple of hours, but this is just the beginning of our wonderful surprises for you. I’m so blessed to have someone like you in my life, and I’m really hoping it stays that way. Here’s to more shopping, eating and travelling with you. Baguio is just the beginning of our wonderful adventures as friends. I hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest, and know that the SET girls aren’t just going to settle for a birthday but a birthday trip to remember!

I love you, my little sweetheart! Happy, happy birthday.