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So WordPress changed their layout – again.

But you know, that wasn’t really the point of this blog.

The past couple of days have been nothing but eventful. My blueREP friends and I have been dancing for how many hours every day just to prepare for our exciting big gig on Monday, and we’re nothing but excited and exhausted for it. We’re performing a song and dance number of You Can’t Stop The Beat from Hairspray – movie choreography, plus the Broadway vocals. Of course, any blueREPPER would say a simple, “Challenge accepted.” And the challenge isn’t really killing us – it’s definitely making us stronger. I am also excited for the SOUTH WEEKEND – aka, Mikey and Mica sleeping over in the South this weekend before Provago! Expect a photo-filled blog next time. I shall borrow my brother’s camera and document this exciting event.

I fixed my schedule for my last semester (hopefully) at the Ateneo, and I am so excited for my two lit electives (since I need to take them for law school, and not that I mind). I’m taking a Creative Writing class and a Writing Seminar on Drama – since I’m first batch, I hope I can say that I’m taking these classes – and I’m just so excited to finally use my writing for academics. Most of the writing I’ve been doing for school are academic papers and lab reports, but I’ve always been fond of creative writing. I am really just thrilled for the opportunity!

Before I know it, I will be spending my last semester at the Ateneo and hopefully moving onto bigger pastures – aka the law campus in Rockwell (EEP!). Hopefully, I’ll also be part of blueREP’s big production this year at Teatrino and spending the summer with friends in Bora.

Time flies when you’re having fun, you know? 😉