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On Tumblr, I came across this picture:

I was suddenly reminded of me when I was broken. I wondered how this was all going to pan out, how I was going to live my life knowing that he wasn’t mine anymore. I attempted friendship one too many times, but in the end, it really just wasn’t working out. I asked for space, and well, he gave me a week’s worth.

There used to be awkward pauses filled with tears of frustration. Colorful conversations became arguments – me yelling at him because I needed to understand, and him crying (yes, crying) because he couldn’t give me any explanation. It hurt like a bitch, every day. Every day I woke up wondering why I was still there, wondering what the hell I’m going to do, wondering if there was still a point to all this. And he was there, with someone new – not necessarily brighter and shinier than me. Just new.

But you know – “talking to them at all will remind you why you fell in love with them in the first place” can happen. Sometimes though, talking to them at all will eventually show you why you fell in love with them, but how it wouldn’t have worked out anyway. They may have learned everything about you, but you also learned everything about them. And remember that when they disappeared, you’re supposed to disappear too. It’s a lesson that is hard to learn, but it’s a lesson learned nonetheless.

And eventually, when the next one comes along, you end up remembering not to give everything, because it’s just going to be too painful the next time in the event it doesn’t work out.