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I just realized that I always start blog posts with a one-liner, followed by paragraphs of nonsense babbling.

See, I’m doing it again.

I guess it’s the way my brain’s crafted. I have a tendency to summarize my blog posts in one thesis statement, followed by supporting details that really just elaborate my first sentence. I can’t even believe I’m explaining my idiosyncratic way of writing to you, but I suppose this is really just me wishing you would read it and be interested anyway?

Well, let’s move this blog post to a completely different note.

I want to be able to pinpoint my idiosyncrasies, as if I know myself inside out and upside down. I want to be able to know what I want to do and how I’m going to get there. All I’ve got is a vague idea of a future, and an even more vague idea of who I’m supposed to be – how I’m going to make do with who I am to get to where I want.

I think I’m just stuck at one of life’s intersections – and I don’t know if I’m supposed to turn left, right, go straight or just take a massive U-Turn and rethink everything.