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It’s that time of year and that time in the blueREP season where you reminisce.

BlueREP’s Black Prom, the newbie production, is just around the corner! Only two weeks have passed since Little Shop of Horrors and yet the organization is already prepared for the next one coming along. I must say, being involved in Black Prom as the Promotions head has taken its toll on me both physically and emotionally. Thankfully, I have an amazing team backing me up and very supportive core members (TinaRonne) who remind me of my duties and responsibilities. Let us not forget my lovingly overbearing production managers Tine and Tricia, who constantly bug me about my deadlines. I honestly don’t mind, because it really keeps me on my feet. But yeah, I digress from my point.

Because Black Prom is indeed closer than we all realize, it reminded me of my newbie production two years ago. Having done Bare previous to that production, I thought that I was immersed in a different kind of blueREP culture, since that group of performers had already done their newbie prods. Thus, a higher expectation of professionalism was required, and that was what I was exposed to. I thought that as newbies, we were expected to be just that – clean and professional, yet slightly fun at the same time. Although my newbie production lacked in professionalism, I must say that I adored my newbie production just the same because of the friends I met there who changed my life and who remain constant in my journey as a blueREPPER.

I remember constant conversations on the phone or in person with Roxci, who is still one of my closest friends to date. I remember making up random choreography for songs with my alternate (and really, my superior hihi) Tina. I remember awkwardly shifting back and forth when the boys would have to dance against me in all their disgustingly sweaty glory, and laughing when I eventually got used to having them in such – well, intimate proximity. I remember all my late-night dinners (not coming home earlier than 11 in the evening, mind you) and “deep shit” conversations with Rob and Abi till 1AM.

Honestly, I see our batch more in the newbies now than with the newbies last year. We were called that batch in between – the batch that was talented, but wasn’t as epic as the year before. Sure, it did hurt us at one point, but at the end of the day, our batch (at least the active ones) were still standing proudly as the newbies of 2009, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. However, we were really bonded as a whole – and I can definitely see that in the newbies now. Since I haven’t seen them perform yet, I am not sure what to say about their talent. But since they’re blueREP newbies, I’m sure that they are epic, one way or another. 🙂

For those who haven’t reserved their tickets yet, I really suggest you go and watch Black Prom. You may not know it, but you are part of this epic first-time experience that stays with a blueREPPER until he or she graduates. They may remember all the productions they’ve been in, but there’s a certain feel to a newbie prod that is never really replaceable. Hopefully, you get to watch this production and enjoy every bit of it the same way our newbies do when they perform for you. 🙂