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My life has lately been preoccupied with my undergraduate thesis (which I am currently doing, but I’m taking a break because my mind can’t even function) and Little Shop of Horrors. If you guys haven’t caught it yet, you still have one more week to! We’ve been getting fantastic reviews, and don’t even get me started on how much my cast-mates and I enjoy performing it for an audience every Wednesday to Saturday.

I haven’t gotten the time to really sit down and think about what’s been going on. It’s times like these – being in a production, drowning in schoolwork and preparing for blueREP’s next production, Black Prom – that I don’t get to take a deep breath and just think slowly. Being extremely busy gets my mind on overdrive, and there are so many thoughts plaguing my mind that I can’t even focus on just one and have it resolved.

The closest moments I get to doing just that is in between scenes during LSoH. I sit on the dentist’s chair backstage, watching my cast-mates do whatever they do. Usually, Roxci‘s playing Word Mole on my Blackberry (don’t worry love, I really don’t mind when you do), Abi’s cleaning, Maronne‘s fixing her make-up, Gelo’s changing – I’m so used to seeing this, it really just makes me space out and wonder what my life would be like if I were not in that moment, breathing the same space or participating in that picture.

I don’t even understand my thought process right now – everything is truly just coming up blank. And sometimes, I wish that my mind could stay blank so I don’t have to obsess over things that don’t need to be obsessed over.