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There was a post on Lara’s Tumblr that made me think of home.

A lot of places lately feel like home, ever since the one I had for the past year burned into flames in the span of a night (not literally, just in case you guys thought my house burned down). I felt lost for the past few months, until Little Shop of Horrors rehearsals began.

Meet two of the best people I know.

Inserted above is a picture of me and my two constant scene partners, Abi (left) and Roxci (middle). We’re the black Greek Chorus girls in the production, sort of back-up singers for everybody and narrators to a certain extent. Although the three of us have been friends since we all entered blueREP, we knew we were meant to be together when we were put together for a reading during the callbacks of the production. Throughout the rehearsals (and eating-shopping bonding sessions with Chiz afterwards), these girls have been a constant source of comfort and non-stop teasing, which was exactly what I needed when I felt lost. I really adore these two. They’re part of my home.

From left: Gelo, Roxci, Luis, Maronne and Ejay

Here’s some of the rest of my family at Little Shop of Horrors. These guys are probably the most entertaining beasts you’ve ever seen, especially when we’re complete (include Tina, Dar, Mela, the stage managers, Toff and Arya here). If you need people who aren’t afraid to act stupid or to stick out their necks for you, they’re definitely it. Or maybe they won’t do it for just anybody – it’ll definitely be just for us, our little Skid Row family.

I really am thankful that God gave me Little Shop of Horrors. Rehearsals had become an escape at first, but after a while it was a work of art that I really studied and focused on because the story is just too great not to tell. I’m glad that Toff de Venecia (Tumblr) directed this, because I think he really managed to bring out what the story tried to tell us – thesis statement and all. 😉 Also, I’m glad that Arya – my other soulmate – had the opportunity to assist Toff in terms of direction. Arya, who was once my baby in Freakshow, had finally grown to be my boss. I’m so proud of her, and I respect her fully. As for Ejay, I can’t even say anything except that he’s bloody brilliant and I aspire to be like him in terms of musical direction. I truly believe that he can be the next Rony Fortich, and I am definitely going to stick around him to see that happen. Personally, Ejay and I had gotten close because of this prod and for reasons that I shall not say here. But I’m glad that there are people like him in this world, because he and the rest of blueREP are really such amazing characters. BlueREP definitely feels like home.

On a much lighter and pathetic note, you’re starting to feel like home too. I’m trying not to get used to you.