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Said title was the Formspring question of the day, and when I thought about it, I pictured around seven people in mind. However, some of them work in groups, so mainly I’ve got three bulks of people who make me laugh the hardest. Honestly, life would be so much more unbearable without them around, and I don’t think I got the chance to thank them for it. Hence, this is my tribute to the ones who make me laugh – when really, I feel like there is absolutely nothing in my life worth laughing about.

Meet Tina. I don't have a picture of her with Ant, but those two are definitely on my list.

Tina and I have been friends since we were young, wild and free. Since our mothers were really good friends, I guess that route seemed to be right for Tina and me. Although she left Woodrose in the third grade to go to Poveda (she was a batch younger than me, by the way), we remained friends until we reunited in Ateneo for college. Of course as we grew older, Tina became a source of comfort and an occasional bout of hysteria. From singing in the car to Alice and Wonderland and Ne-Yo to laughing about the weirdest things in rehearsals, Tina is definitely someone who can easily make me feel that all isn’t lost.

I suddenly feel bad that I don’t have a decent picture with Ant. 😐 We’ve had humble beginnings – seatmates during Biology class and groupmates during the grueling four-hour lab classes. Ant is someone I easily confided in, someone who passed notes with me during Physio Psych class and laughed with me when we got sabaw studying for tests. Although Ant is probably one of the smartest people I know, she was also definitely one of the shallowest in terms of sense of humor. Really, this girl laughs genuinely at anything – which makes her laugh infectious. So, whenever she laughs, I do too. This causes so much trouble when she, Tina and I are together.

I still think we haven’t hung out enough, the three of us. Shakey’s date soon, please! 🙂

My three favorite girls (from left): Roxci, Ea and Raisa.

It all started with a double date at Greenbelt. Roxci and Raisa had gone on a date previously, but the next time around Ea and I decided to come along. Since then, we’ve become a staple foursome. All of us had three things in common that we loved: travel, shopping and food. It was a beautiful combination, but there are truly no words for my wallet when I’m around these three.

When we’re together (especially when my best friend Raisa is on Sting/Cobra/any energy drink), it’s chaos. I’d provide you evidence by showing you videos of our last date in Cafe Breton, but even I am too embarrassed to share that with you all. Because of our diverse personalities, our own little quirks make each other burst into hysterics because we love each other like that. We honestly laugh about anything and everything when we’re around each other, yet we’re also capable of making Roxci cry after she made us talk about each other in front of a camera. I’m still waiting for that video, Roxci! You better stop crying and just edit that thing so we can cry with you. 🙂

I can’t even imagine what our Asia-trip will be like. I’m sure it’ll be an adventure.

Meet these two disgusting (and blurry) children who happen to be my siblings.

Lastly, when friends come and go, my family stays. When I’m not fighting with these two, they’re like my best friends. Whether it be staying up late with my sister watching funny videos or dancing with my brother in front of the XBox, laughing becomes a common occurrence with them. I don’t know who I’d be without these two loves in my life. And even if they bully me and I annoy them most of the time, I’m glad that I have them and not any other random people in the world.

Honestly, words cannot express how much I love the people I listed. As much as I feel like I’m falling in a downward spiral, I thank God that I’m going down laughing.