Dreams piss me off sometimes.

I’m not talking about dreams as ambitions and future plans, but I’m talking about the dreams you get when you’re in the stage of REM sleep – the visions that enter your head that look, sound and most importantly feel real, but aren’t. I’m talking about dreams that – pardon my language – mindfuck you senselessly until you wake up in a bloody stupor, wondering why the hell you dreamed it and most of the time wishing you didn’t.

A lot of people say that your dreams reveal your innermost thoughts, a manifestation of your desires. But what if what – or rather, who you’re dreaming of is exactly what or who you want to avoid? It’s bad enough that I see that thing-I-want-to-avoid in reality, but even in my dreams? Thanks a lot, dreamscape. I really appreciate the fact that the one thing/person I wanted to avoid appeared in my dreams too, after a stressful week such as this.

You know what I need? Food.