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My lunch date for the past two weeks.

It started out as a sporadic question from a friend – “Hey, you want to try Cha Dao?”

I had never been a fan of tea, unless it’s iced, made from powder and branded Nestea. My last encounter with real tea was probably that small cup of green tea I drank to nurse one of the worst hangovers of my life, and from that experience I really thought that tea leaves and I will never get along. That is, until that little trip to Cha Dao with Arya, Ejay, Boo and Mindy clearly incepted me with the idea that maybe, just maybe, I’d learn to love tea after all.

The next day, Ejay, Boo, Mindy and I went to Moonleaf, another branch of milk tea along Esteban Abada that had many of my friends hooked. For some reason, I had an unusual urge to try it, so I came along and ordered my first caramel milk tea with pearls. I was a bit doubtful – and really, which person who never really liked tea before shouldn’t – about my newly-purchased glass of tea, but when my first sip slipped into my mouth, that kind of thing is life-changing.

I’m not going to burst into poetry about tasting milk tea for the first time (although the idea did cross my mind, I admit), but it was truly an – for lack of better term – orgasmic experience. Really, I find it hilarious that I was being all snooty about milk tea because it had become so popular, only to succumb to its addicting taste a little bit later than others. Soon enough, I was drinking the thing every day – replacing a meal, as unhealthy as it sounds.

Ejay and me with our milk tea!


Boo and Mindy with their scrumptious tea

Yes, you’re totally allowed to kill me for using the word ‘scrumptious’ in my caption. But it’s my blog. Watch me cross my arms like a child and watch you fight me for it. On a much lighter and more relevant note, you should seriously try Moonleaf’s tea or any other form of milk tea (Cha Dao, Serenitea, etc). I was surprisingly not disappointed, and who knows what kind of pleasant surprise you get from slurping some?